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Reliable tables that work, Affordable tables that last.

Phillips Chiropractic Tables

Phillips Chiropractic Tables is a company dedicated to providing Doctors of Chiropractic with high quality tables at an affordable price. We build our tables to last and back them with the best warranty in the business. 

Chiropractors support health and wellness. We support chiropractors.

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Phillips Chiropractic Tables

Get to know the Titan Series

We engineered the Titan Series Chiropractic Table with a focus on maximum functionality, long lasting durability, ease of use, and patient comfort. Titan Chiropractic Tables are a valuable investment for your practice. The high quality of the table means it will be with your practice for many years, the customization available to your table will pay for itself many times over through facilitating more a more efficient and effective chiropractic practice.

Phillips Chiropractic Tables
Titan 7 & 7E
Automatic Flexion Tables
Titan 5 & 5E
Manual Flexion Tables
Titan 3 & 3E
Stationary Adjusting Tables
Intersegmental Tables
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